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Can I just buy some steaks (or just some roasts, or just stew meat, etc.)?

At this point, we are only offering steaks, roasts, and other non-burger options for customers who purchase our bulk butcher beef.  At some point in the future we hope to offer individual cuts or smaller "sampler boxes" that include, for example, a few steaks, a roast, some stew meat, and a little burger.  We know there's a demand, and it's growing as people continue to try and love our burger, and to seek to find sources for locally-raised beef.

Raising an animal from birth to butcher is nearly a 2-year process.  We do not confine and "push" our animals to gain, but let them gain naturally as they graze a variety of grasses and pastures.  We also do not inject them with growth hormones.  The result is a slower-grown animal, with phenomenal flavor.  But, it's a long-term commitment, and one we are working towards increasing our capacity.  Thank you for your patience!


What makes your burger taste so great?

Unlike most burger you'll find on the markety, we use the WHOLE COW to make our burger.  Most burger comes from the tougher cuts and scraps of a beef.  We use all cuts-- the chuck, the loin, the ribs, etc.  That's because the burger we sell comes from older cows that have either lost a calf or did not get pregnant.  Since they aren't "doing their jobs" of raising a calf for us, they get "repurposed" into the meat program.  Because they are older than 2-3 years, their muscles have undergone more strain and use, and just aren't as supple as they used to be (as those of us over 40 can attest)!  If we tried to make steaks or prime roasts out of these cows, the meat would be flavorful, but tough in texture.  But when we grind all the cuts together, it makes a delicious-tasting "steak burger" with great texture.


What fat percentage is your burger?

The fat content may vary a little bit, based on the animal used, but for the most part, our burger is roughly 85% lean/15% fat.  We do not add extra fat to the burger, and our cows are mostly grass-fed, and we supplement their diets with a little bit of barley and/or oats to improve the flavor before we butcher.  The meat is never "greasy," yet there's enough fat to make it hold together well for burger patties or meatballs.


Do you add anything to your burger?

Short answer: NO!

Long answer: We believe that when you raise good-quality animals, treat them well, and process them well, there's absolutely no reason to add anything else.  No color preservers.  No additional fat.  No nothing.  If you buy beef from us, you get it just as it came from the animal (just cut into pieces).


What is the difference between marrow and knuckle bones, and what do I do with them?

Marrow bones come from the long leg bones, and they are a hollow chunk of bone (we have them cut into roughly 2" pieces) with marrow in the middle.  Knuckle bones come from the joints, and have a solid core, but often have cartilage around the outside.  (Knuckle bones are usually packaged in larger chunks, roughly 3-5" inches long by 3-4" wide).  

Both make great bone broth, also known as beef stock.  Marrow bones can also be roasted and some folks consider the marrow a delicacy.  The cartilage in knuckle bones creates additional collagen when you make broth from them


When will you have beef available?

We keep our order forms updated regularly to let customers know about our supply.  

You can find the GROUND BEEF order form here-- we almost always have ground beef in stock, or will have it available shortly.  

You can find the BULK BUTCHER BEEF order form here.  Availability is more limited-- please see the order form for current info.