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We love hearing from our customers about how much they enjoy our beef.  It's especially cool when others in the local food industry share their feedback.  See what some of them have to say:

Testimonials: Testimonials

We are in need of BEEF! Can we get 50 lbs from you sometime in the next few days?

Scott Johnson, owner of Iron Cakes food truck

We love knowing where our beef comes from, the quality from Triple L livestock is unmatchable. Knowing that it is raised and butchered locally only makes it that much more favorable in our home.

Nic Pestel, owner of Old Bull Brewing

We tried Triple L for the first time tonight. It was absolutely delicious! Best burger we have had in a while. Highly recommended!

Apryl Lange, owner of Wyld Flour Patisserie



We're open to your feedback.  Let us know what you like, and how we can improve!

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